Corporate Social Responsibility

Even with significant economic growth and technological advancement over the past century, there are still more than one billion people on the earth that live on less than $1 per day. Most of these people do not have the means to acquire enough food to keep themselves healthy. Disease and other health problems still plague our planet, with the heaviest burden falling on those least able to withstand it. The health of our planet is under threat by excessive emissions, dumping, clear cutting, and other environmental hazards.

At Apex we believe that our work should combat these challenges and be rewarding to the communities in which our projects take place. When deciding whether to pursue a particular project we ensure that each project we take on will have a significant impact on the lives of the people in the areas in which we are working. We focus on the developing areas of the world, with a goal to stimulate economic growth and investment which impacts all social classes, to effect real and useful public sector reform, and to create opportunities for underprivileged and ignored sectors of society. We recognize that our work will only be beneficial to communities in the long term if environmental impact is taken into consideration and if aggressive postures are sustained in order to create a clean environment and a sustainable use of natural resources.

Besides the work that Apex is involved in, our employees are also directly invested in the world community through our orphan program and through sustainable practices. Through the Al-Manar Charity fund program, Apex employees can donate a portion of their monthly paycheck to benefit orphans. Apex matches that contribution five to one. Additionally, all of the above-mentioned environmentally sustainable practices are not lost on Apex staff and employees. Apex seeks to minimize the use of paper and other natural resources through the employment of appropriate technology and best practices.