Like any other employee, interns are a valuable part of our team. As an intern at Apex, you will not find yourself merely photocopying documents or brewing coffee. Rather you will be involved in important projects with assignments that make a real impact. We ensure that each task assigned to you is beneficial to both Apex and you.

We believe that part of our corporate social responsibility is to support students in developing clear perspectives on their future career through hands-on experiences. While providing some administrative support, interns are directly involved in high value client and internal projects. Your internship at Apex will be a life changing, career -impacting experience.
Indeed, your roll will be similar to those of your full time colleagues. You can therefore expect to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Initiating, leading, planning, organizing, researching, presenting findings, and closing projects.
  • Depending on your skills you can expect to analyze data, translate documents and develop content for publications, case studies and other resources.
  • Depending on your specialties, you may be asked to train your full time colleagues through on-job training or formal presentations.


Tyler Standage, Project Coordinator
“Accepting a summer position with Apex Consulting has given me experience I could not have gotten anywhere else. I worked on everything from corporate finance projects valued in the tens of millions of dollars to large scale projects sponsored by the World Bank, the European Commission, and other international donors. And my work was not trivial. From day one I was considered an integral part of the team and given assignments that had a real impact on the outcome of the project. Working with Apex this summer was absolutely the best choice for me.”

Noorin Hasan, System Analyst
“Being a System Analyst in Apex during the summer not only allowed me to run projects but rather to lead my own projects. I got to lead a couple of software projects which happens to be the essence of my passion. My favorite was leading website projects with both local vendors and others across the globe which definitely not only sharpened my technical knowledge but added a lot of value to my interpersonal skills. I can see great impacts on my career from this experience.”

If you think that you are qualified and Apex seems to have the kind of experience that you would want to be part of, then check the opening below.

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