Deliver Emergency Cash Benefits for Yemini Citizens

Deliver Emergency Cash Benefits for Yemini Citizens

The ongoing civil war in Yemen has caused a humanitarian crisis, with women and children susceptible to human trafficking, degradation of the educational system and agricultural communities resulting in severely low living standards for many families. To help these families, UNICEF established an Emergency Cash Transfer program to provide unconditional support to 1.5 million families.

UNICEF hired Apex Consulting to manage the implementation of major program activities especially cash payments delivery, and the support system for beneficiaries. This includes a robust reporting and communication mechanism for all program activities. We rationalized the program proposal and budget and mapped a process that would facilitate an organized, uniform delivery and grievances processing system across 333 Yemini districts. Our communication plan coordinated the responsibilities of key partners in the program, including UNICEF, key donors and funding agencies, and field organizations. For beneficiaries, we established a network of field sites, educated beneficiaries of program rules and eligibilities, verified eligibility, and delivered emergency cash help. Each day, we processed 50,000 beneficiary benefits. Within a matter of weeks, we accomplished the goals of the project, on-time and on-budget, despite security, administration, and delivery challenges. As a result, Apex:

  • Verified delivery of $33 million to 1.5 million people in 22 Yemeni governorates in 333 districts
  • Conducted 4,000 home visits to elderly beneficiaries
  • Hired 2,000 officers, screeners, call center agents, and supervisors
  • Set up and managed 425 fixed and mobile Beneficiary Support & Grievance Redressal sites in 333 districts
  • Managed complex sourcing, purchasing, and logistics management system to set up the Beneficiary Support units in hard-to-reach areas
  • Established a 24-hour call center for beneficiaries to register grievances or complaints related to the quality of the service provided
  • Procured and deployed assets including over 1,000 laptops, printers, transportation, security, and other required infrastructure

Families living in war-torn Yemen received direct support and the intent of the program was delivered using a uniform process. Of our support for this program, UNICEF’s project leader and the Highest-ranking Liberian in the UN System said:

“Finally, let me take this time to personally thank Apex for the contributions made and the spirit of partnership that we all have tried to imbibe in this project. We could not have paid over a million beneficiaries if Apex had not stepped forward to take up this herculean task, with all of the challenges and obstacles observed. We congratulate you and all of the parties in this project for a phenomenal achievement”

Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Team Leader Yemen Emergency Cash Transfer Project


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  • Client UNICEF
  • Date October 1, 2017
  • Tags Program Management, Public Sector