Iraqi Ministries Study

Iraqi Ministries Study

Country: Iraq

This study is a private, non-public qualitative business research study that focuses on Iraq’s dynamic new business opportunities and economic development potential in the short to medium term. As a part of this study, a wide variety of Iraqi business, economic, and government ministry experts are being interviewed to better understand the current regulatory framework and related upcoming prospects for business investment opportunities in Iraq.

Interviews include discussion of key senior leadership within several Iraqi ministries to better understand the influences on the regulatory process which impact potential business investment opportunities. This study has the potential to help promote the economic growth of Iraq and its people by providing clear insight to global and regional investors interested in Iraq.

Using Subject Matter Expert in-depth interviews, 13 selected Iraqi ministries and their second tier leaders will be profiled. There are at least 65 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that are selected for interviews, with a minimum of 5 SMEs for each of the 13 required ministries. The 13 ministries are: Agriculture, Culture, Education, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Higher Education, Human Rights, Justice, Labor, Municipalities and Public Works, Planning, Water Resources, and Youth and Sports.

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  • Date March 1, 2012
  • Tags Public Sector, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation