Tanzania Tax Process Simplification – Phase II (TTASP II)

Tanzania Tax Process Simplification – Phase II (TTASP II)

Country: Tanzania

Locations within Country: Dar Essalam

Services: Business Process Mapping, Business Process Reengineering, Implementation, Tax Administration Automation

Description of the Assignment: 

IFC/FIAS through Apex Consulting supported the Government of Tanzania in its efforts to simplify the country’s tax procedures by working with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and other agencies to improve and streamline the administrative processes to reduce bureaucratic tax related requirements and improve the existing mechanism.

This tax simplification project consisted of 3 distinct phases:

  1. Benchmarking of Tax Administration procedures, using Process Mapping
  2. Process Evaluation and Re-Engineering
  3. Implementation of New Administrative Processes

This phase of the project addressed evaluating current processes and re-engineering these processes into new ‘To Be’ maps. The work completed included the following:

  • Developing an implementation strategy and implementation action plan for the new tax procedures recently adopted by TRA
  • Identifying shortcomings of the current ITAX system used in TRA (in terms of supporting the new processes)
  • Recommending high-level solutions for each issue identified (e.g., changes in ITAX system, workarounds, or process changes)
  • Documenting business requirements for new Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS)
  • Developing a budget estimate for the new ITAS system
  • Client International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Date February 28, 2014
  • Tags Public Sector, Revenue Reform

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