Yemen Independent Monitoring

Yemen Independent Monitoring

Yemen independent monitoring (YIM) is a three-year project to provide an independent monitoring to provide assurance of results being achieved by partners, reduce corruption risks, assist in future DFID funding allocations and improve program design, due diligence and learning. YIM has three main outputs.

  1. Output 1: a) Independent verification of project results b) assessment of quality, relevance and appropriateness of DFID-funded interventions c) the impact of DFID-funded programs on the operational context and humanitarian outcomes.
  2. Output 2: Assessment of partner monitoring data systems.
  3. Output 3: Development of thematic reports (thematic reports may include subjects such as value for money, conflict sensitivity, gender, disability and other DFID priorities).

Apex team was responsible for field site visits, data collection, analysis and reporting (Output 1 and Output 2) and provision of research services (Output 3). The scope includes:

– 252 Site visits (84 per year) with an approx. of 8,640 interviews

– 24,000 beneficiaries’ calls using Apex Call Center

– 60 Light Touch Reports (LTRs)

– 24 In Depth Reports (IDRs)

  • Client United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) in cooperation with TRANSTEC
  • Date January 16, 2019
  • Tags Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation