Public Sector

Our clients include Governments and major donors from around the world. The World Bank, the IFC, GTZ, UNICEF, and others have engaged the services of Apex Consulting. Governments have directly requested our services because of our expertise in various fields as well as our excellent project management skills. These groups have recognized our world-class quality service and have hired us again and again.

Our work on donor projects has included anything from short term business environment surveys to major long term tax simplification and public finance management (Yemen, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Kenya, etc). Included in our portfolio are also donor projects focusing on private sector development, education reform, public sector management, health sector reform, trade policy, and IT. We understand the goals of major donor agencies and have the expertise to not only marshal the right team of international and local experts, but also to effectively manage the projects we undertake.

Many government agencies have recognized our ability to help their organizations run more efficiently and to get things done. Whether you need to create a new department or agency from scratch or are looking for process improvement or capacity building, Apex Consulting is your answer. We are specialized enough to understand your unique challenges, yet flexible enough to design the right approach that will generate the results you need.

While we do not officially endorse or support any particular political party in any country, political parties have engaged our services to accomplish their goals. Among other things, we have offered informed advice regarding political and social climate and have been major contributors to the drafting of legislation and lobbying for the passage of such legislation. We have an understanding of the challenges faced in a political setting, and are able to help find the best solutions to those challenges. This is particularly true in the Middle East.